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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wishing it was Thursday...

It's only Wednesday, but tomorrow is what we in the newsroom know as "Thai Thursday."

It means we place an order at Thai Orchid, in the plaza at the corner of Route 306 and Mentor Avenue in Mentor, for some lunch.

Until recently, I'd order the Pad Thai, which is noodles, vegetables, a peanut sauce and some chopped peanuts on top. Yum.

But, since I'm dieting these days, I will undoubtedly go with the chicken and broccoli, which comes with a brothy sauce and white rice. It's very filling and not bad for the caloric intake.

I'd suggest anyone try Thai Orchid, because they will adjust spice levels to your tastes. One of my fellow Thursday participants has regularly changed his number code for the spice level, sometimes with explosive results. Play with it to get the right level for your personal tastes. But, go in knowing they're willing to help satisfy you.

-- Laura Kessel


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