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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Need coffee ... everywhere, anywhere

I'm a coffee addict.

About the only time I'm not consuming coffee is in the evening when I get home, because I'm too lazy to make a fresh pot. During the day here at The News-Herald, the newsroom pot is constantly being refreshed.

When I'm out and about in the area, I feel as though I'm always hunting for a coffee shop to satisfy my craving.

I found a great one a couple weeks ago not far from the office. Bear Creek Coffee opened in September at the corner of Midland and Mentor Avenue, in a shopping center across from the Points East plaza.

When I walked in, I enjoyed the beautifully designed decor, but once I hit the counter, I found my true love on the menu.

The "Eye-Opener" is an espresso on steroids. I normally get an Americano-like drink at other coffee shops, which combines espresso and hot water. The eye-opener combines espresso with brewed coffee.


You can pick your coffee blend, and add flavored syrups if you wish.

Another favorite feature of Bear Creek Coffee is the drive-thru on the Midland side of the building.

I wish the owners continued success in their new venture. And, please, keep that espresso coming!!

-- Laura Kessel


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