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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dining Out: Zeppe’s Tavern & Pizzeria in Newbury more than typical pizza joint

The Zeppe’s name is a familiar one to Northeast Ohioans. Its latest endeavor, however, dips its toes into less-than-familiar waters.

Zeppe’s Tavern & Pizzeria in Newbury is the franchise’s newest concept: a full-service restaurant and bar with traditional Zeppe’s offerings plus an extended menu. The pizzas and calzones you’ve come to know are joined by burgers, steaks, seafood and more, and they’re served in a pub-style atmosphere.

A traditional Zeppe’s takeout-and-delivery place is adjacent to the tavern, which makes entry a bit confusing. Pull into the Newbury Center plaza at Kinsman and Auburn Roads, and there are three entrances that seem they could be where to go. The tavern’s is the one furthest east, by the way.

The business has been open only since December 2011, and the tavern smacks of newness. The dining room is open and lively, an entire wall decorated by framed album covers. The bar is one of those half-inside, half-outside set-ups, serving both the dining room and a nice patio area. There’s a fireplace outside, lots of woodwork inside, and a pretty decent flow between the two.

Read more of Correspondent Mark Koestner's review at Dining Out: Zeppe’s Tavern & Pizzeria in Newbury more than typical pizza joint.

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