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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dining Out: Willoughby’s Pickles & Pints

Browse the web for information on a new-ish pub in Willoughby, and you might think it has an identity issue.

The sign on the window reads “Beal’s Pickles & Pints,” but online you can find the same pub listed as “Pints ’n’ Pickles. There’s a Facebook page that also lists “pickles” before “pints,” and all the search-engine results flip among the ampersand, “and” an “n” between the pickles and pints, or pints and pickles as it were.

So while you may be confused what to call the place (it’s Pickles & Pints for the record), don’t be confused about this: It’s one heck of a place to visit.

Read more at Mark Koestner's review: Dining Out: Willoughby’s Pickles & Pints offers very nice pub-dining experience.

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