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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dining Out: Melt Bar and Grilled in Mentor worth the (long) waits

There are several reasons people might not like the new Melt Bar and Grilled in Mentor.

When they remade the former Mexican restaurant into a cavernous single-room dining area with high ceilings, the place got really loud. Good luck conducting a conversation across the table, with the conversational din and Muzak playing overhead.

This fourth jewel in chef/owner Matt Fish’s crown definitely has the feel of a chain, with its on-table advertisements of specials and frequent diner card offering free food after purchases totalling $250.

Then there’s the legendary wait for a table. Make no mistake: You will be waiting to eat at Melt. How long depends on when you show up. They’re honest about it when you walk through the door. They’re also remarkably accurate. There’s plenty of space for you to sit down.

Read more in Managing Editor Laura Kessel's review Dining Out: Melt Bar and Grilled in Mentor worth the (long) waits.

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