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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dining Out: Slightly downsized, Manhattan Deli still serves big tastes after move to Willoughby

I used to call it The Sweet March.

 When you’d head into Manhattan Deli on Chardon Road in Willoughby Hills for a meal, you’d have to pass a long refrigerated case full of just about any dessert you could think of.

There were pies, cheesecakes and cakes. There were eclairs, cream puffs and tortes. If that wasn’t enough to pick from, there were cookies and muffins.

If it had powdered sugar, it was in this case.

And, if you were “lucky” enough to get to the restaurant when it was busy, and you had to wait for a table, the waiting area lined you right in front of the dessert case.

Last year, the restaurant relocated to new digs a few miles away in Willoughby, next door to Heinen’s in the plaza at State Routes 84 and 91.

The new restaurant is smaller, but remains big on taste.

But one of the bigger changes is that the dessert case — much smaller than in the old location — is located between the cash register stand and a bar.

The massive dining room you remember on Chardon Road has been replaced by one probably three-fourths the size. It’s colorful and comfortable, with the feel of an upscale bistro.

But when you open the menu you’ll find plenty of old favorites from down the road and lots of new tastes that likely will keep you coming back.

Read more from Managing Editor Laura Kessel's review at "Dining Out: Slightly downsized, Manhattan Deli still serves big tastes after move to Willoughby."

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