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Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Search of Salad Bars

Are you the type of diner who misses the plethora of salad bars that used to be standard fixtures at area restaurants a dozen or so years ago? I am.

The prospect of fresh lettuce topped with a variety of garden ingredients was the highlight of this veggie lover's meal experience. Skip the steak, bring on the romaine and radishes!

True, salad bars can be found at assorted venues around town, but not nearly as many as in days gone by, and for the most part the quality is poor. Freshness is of utmost importance. None of this bagged and chemical-infused stuff, please.

Right now my vote for the best in town goes to the luscious line of salad stuff at Ruby Tuesday's off Heisley Road in Mentor. Deep green spinach, edamame(mmm!), zucchini sticks, plump grape tomatoes and real blue cheese are but a few of the satisfying ingredients one can pile onto their chilled white plates.

Don't pour on the calorie-laden dressing and you've got a healthy dish of edibles that tastes like they've just been picked from a nearby farm.

Ahhh! The beauty and deliciousness of Mother Nature.

So salad bar searchers,don't despair. Head on over to Ruby Tuesday's and fill up with freshness to your tummy's content.

--Jean Bonchak


Blogger Unknown said...

Just the other day I was thinking of the Wendy's salad bar. It was really really good and fresh. The lettuce was always crisp and they had the chopped egg and the bacon bits. Then blue cheese dressing.
I loved that salad bar, but now, it's gone.

May 13, 2009 at 9:51 AM 

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