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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hold The Coffee @ Coffee Corners

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Sometimes finding a very special coffee shop means killing a quarter tank of gas in my car. So when I was asked to travel down to Burton Village Nov. 30 to cover an event, you better believe I took advantage of checking out the area's signature coffee destination.

I had no one to model for this photo. Sad face. 
The event I covered was a Christmas-themed open house at Century Village Museum. (Another cool place to check out if you're in the area. It features historical homes that were uprooted and moved from all over Geauga County to its campus in the village.) After the event, I checked out Coffee Corners at 14544 Main St., a place I've heard all about from my newsroom's real coffee enthusiasts John Hutchison and Devon Turchan.

That Saturday, which quite fittingly was Small Business Saturday, I visited Coffee Corners by myself.  Be aware, I don't typically visit indie coffee shops by myself, especially when I'm obnoxiously and suspiciously taking photos inside and outside the shop. 

Below is my breakdown on the charms of the Burton indie coffee shop.

Location: The area between Burton's East Park Avenue circle and it's strip of stores along Main Street rival that of historic Chardon Square. Like almost all of Burton Village, Coffee Corners is very walk-, bike- and even horse-carriage-friendly. Although sometimes stressful to drive through, the village is a unique place to visit, and one of Geauga County's biggest gems. And unlike most rural-set coffee shops I find, Coffee Corners is actually open on Sundays.

The soup is not pictured here, but my keys are!
Food and Beverage: Coffee Corners has a fairly wide selection of hot and cold beverages and even food options, like sandwiches and soups. But the pastries are the winner. The cookies on display are gigantic enough to feed a small village. I couldn't help, but buy a Chinese almond cookie almost the size of my hand. Together with a 16-ounce coffee and a bowl of beef vegetable soup, I spent $7 and change. Coffee Corners also sells locally made wines and beer such as Raven's Glen and Great Lakes Brewery.

Atmosphere and Space: Coffee Corners' is an antique-themed coffee shop, and it does well in
I had no one to play Tic-Tak-Toe with. More sad face.
decorating its space with dated furniture, lamps and framed pictures around the coffee shop's three dining rooms, all of which have distinctive differences. The room I ate in was shrouded in dim warmth and was lit only by desk lamps at each of the small tables. The room had plenty of wall outlets scattered around and I noticed more than three people working on their computers. (The Wi-Fi password is listed on the chalk board menu behind the counter.) And despite being an antique-themed indie coffee shop, Coffee Corners appears to have no problem passing a health inspection. That can't be said of every antique-themed coffee shop I've visited.
The entire store had a very warm feeling
Again, if you have suggestions of a coffee shop for a future entry, send it to me via on Twitter at @SimonSaysNH.

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