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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Passion for Panera

Regulars are well aware of the lure of Panera Bread. And those who are yet to be acquainted - be forewarned - you will be taken in.

Panera Bread, the laid-back cafe with tasteful, modern decor and a menu to match, made its debut in Mayfield Heights. Word about the (huge) step up from fast food emporiums spread as quickly and enticingly as the fragrant, warm bread rising high in their ovens.

Soon a Panera sprouted in Points East Plaza in Mentor, followed by another in Creekside Commons. The latest recently opened its doors off Wilson Mills Road in Highland Heights.

So what's the bagel, err, big deal?

Panera offers a place to relax any time of the day while savoring a delicious cup of coffee, freshly baked bread and pastries, sandwiches and salads that deliciously deviate from the norm, loads of lattes, mochas and more.

At Panera, you won't hear "Do you want fries with that?".
There are no fryers ... they've been replaced with "fresh".

Want to eat healthy? Try Panera.
Comfortably? Try Panera.
Unhurriedly? Try Panera.

Let's hope this type of establishment continues to multiply and that fast food chains either emulate them or drown in their own tasteless, grease pits.

People's preferences for food and dining experiences are changing. Panera is a worthy leader in what some may deem a restaurant revolution.

-- Jean Bonchak


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