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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Italian Eat Street

A ride down Mentor Avenue reveals a plethora of pasta places for lovers of Italian cuisine.

Forgive me for not including every one. You're certainly welcome to add your favorites in the comment section after this blog. I’d love to give them a try.

Let's begin at the intersection of Mentor Avenue and Route 306 and head east...

Simple sauces at TJ's on the Avenue are deliziosa…....only wish their salads were a bit more interesting.
Olive Garden has been open for years and still draws lengthy waiting lines. Could it be the bottomless salad bowl or infamous Tour of Italy, a huge plate filled with lasagna, chicken parmesan and fettucine alfredo?
Calzones are king at Longo’s, a longtime area staple. One is large enough to serve as a meal for two, and the price is right.
Zappitelli's reigns supreme when it comes to just the right combination of delicate and tender homemade pasta smothered with thick and flavorful sauce. And the pizza? If you love lots of cheese, a hearty, flavorful crust and generous toppings, this is the one.
Casa D'Angelo, though a bit pricey, offers wonderful Italian-inspired chicken and fish dishes. Their salads have improved tremendously, too.
Josie's, in the same shopping plaza as Lowe’s, is small in size but mighty in appeal. A packed room on Friday and Saturday nights attests to their basic, good spaghetti dishes.

These are but a select few of the many restaurants lining Mentor’s Italian Eat Street.
So if it’s pasta that pleases you …Mangia! Mangia! Mangia! …right on down the avenue.

--Jean Bonchak


Blogger lor accettola said...

You left out the best Italian restaurant of the bunch, namely Mama Roberto's on Mentor Ave.

January 7, 2010 at 9:34 AM 

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