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Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Italy

I've lived in Cleveland for more than three years, but I've only eaten in Little Italy twice -- and the first time I made it there was last month.

My first trip was a wedding rehearsal dinner at Angelo's Nido Italia Ristorante & Catering, where we were served endless family-style appetizers and entrees. The food was so good that I wish I had known how much was ahead so I could have better paced myself; I was nearly full by the time the main course (Chicken Parmigian) came around. There was a not a single thing served that I didn't like and want more of, and I surely will be making my way back to sample more of the great food (and white wine).

My second trip was over the weekend, when I met some college friends at Trattoria Roman Garden. The free valet parking was quite attractive to someone who hates driving in crowded places, and I liked the homey atmosphere of the dining room. I ordered (and loved) the Eggplant Parmigiano and house red wine. And I found the prices really reasonable, especially given the fact that my entree served as dinner for two additional nights.

After dinner, my friends and I walked across the street to Corbo's Bakery and Cafe. This twentysomething in a bakery felt like a kid in a candy store. I had a lot of trouble deciding but settled on a white chocolate and raspberry torte, which was both sweet and filling. I also bought a chocolate-dipped canoli to take home to my boyfriend, which they filled fresh when I ordered it. (His reaction: "This canoli is ridiculous." In a good way, of course.)

I love the atmosphere of the neighborhood and everything I have consumed in it. It seems like such the perfect place to go on a summer night -- to have dinner on a patio and stroll around while listening to Italian music wafting from the different eateries. I only wish that traffic and parking and driving wasn't a pain; yhat is one thing that will keep me away from frequenting a store of any kind. Although when the weather gets cooler, maybe it will be easier to get around down there (but I'll miss out on the patio dining).

Where's your favorite place to eat in Little Italy?

-- Cheryl Sadler

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