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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taco Bell: Where everyone knows your name err... sauce

If you happen to know me, you understand how much I love Mexican style food, especially Taco Bell.

In fact, at my 40th birthday party, my family supplied a homemade taco bar. My friends, family and guests loved it.

I eat the lovely Taco Bell cuisine at least two to three times a week for lunch and usually get the same thing: three crunchy tacos from the value menu.

In fact, because of the frequency of my visits one of the drive-thru window cashiers at the Mentor restaurant near the Great Lakes Mall knows what type of sauces I like to get with my meal: mild, fire, and fire-roasted. They make a spicy blend that can't be beat.

Today was a new level of familiarity. For the first time, the guy didn't ask me what type of sauce I wanted with my meal.

He simply handed my credit card back with receipt, my bag of food and as I was about to ask for sauces, the guy stated: "The sauce is in the bag. Have a nice day."

What shocked me even more is that he put the exact amounts that I like as well -- one of each sauce for each taco!

I kind of feel like Norm from Cheers, except it's tacos and I'm going through the drive-thru.

-- John Arthur Hutchison,



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