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Monday, April 18, 2011

Domino's new chicken

Domino's has been advertising that the public try their new chicken -- and to sweeten the deal, they've been offering a pick-two-for-$5.99 deal. My boyfriend and I recently took them up on the offer, ordering a medium two-topping pizza and boneless wings.

I used to really dislike Domino's, eating it only when it was my sole option. But since the company changed the pizza recipe, I've enjoyed it a lot more. It's still not my favorite pizza, but I'll include it in my regular pizza-eating rotation. The two-topping pizza we ordered this time around (with pepperoni and onion) was just as good as the last time I had Domino's.

But the important part of the meal: the chicken. I was a little disappointed with the amount that we got (but then again, it was only $5.99 for that and the entire pizza, so do I really have much room to complain?). But the chicken was good. It didn't taste like mechanically separated meat paste that had been fried, but actually like fried chicken that you might prepare at home. The hot sauce that came on the side was great for dipping, and gives you the option for plain chicken or to choose your own topping.

We didn't get the wings, but now I'm tempted to take Domino's up on this deal again to see how those stack up.

I would order the boneless wings again, but probably only as a side. I don't think the amount you get would be filling enough for a whole meal, so the chicken might best serve as a side to pizza, allowing everyone to share. And the pick-two-for-$5.99 option is a pretty good deal that you might want to consider taking up.

Click here to see the Domino's menu and find a location near you.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

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