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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Italian Fare in Cozy Chardon

Someone once said if there's food in heaven it has to be Italian. If that's the case, hopefully Sebastian's on the Square in Chardon will serve as one of its caterers.

At a recent Friday evening meal at the restaurant on Chardon Square, things were hopping. Though the rest of Main Street was dark and quiet, Sebastian's spot was lit up like a Christmas tree.

As one who has worked in and frequented restaurants a-plenty, my standards for an excellent one are threefold: Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and better than average service. Sebastian's hit the mark on all three.

Savoring a delicious chicken parmesan with mouth-watering, homemade sauce -- amidst casually elegant, tasteful surroundings -- all served by a just-attentive-enough waiter, made our dinner with good friends a memorable one. Suffice it to say, we left smiling and well-satisfied.

True, Chardon may be a town offering few places for a special meal -- but consider Sebastian's one of them.

-- Jean Bonchak


Blogger Unknown said...

My wife and I ate at Sebastian's on Saturday. We had the worst dining experience ever. We are new residence in Chardon and decided to try this restaurant for a nice dinner. The atmosphere is very nice and we were sat quickly by the owner of Sebastian's. I ordered the steak and my wife ordered the "special" which was fettucini alfredo with sun dried tomatoes, shrimp, mushrooms and scallions. When our meals come out my steak is nice but my wife's special only has sundried tomatoes in it. We send it back. Meanwhile we are talking to another customer next to us who has the same thing (they return it also). My wife insists I eat so my food does not get cold. My wife's dish returns again with only shrimp added, no mushrooms no scallions. Send it back again and I am nearly done with dinner. Dish comes back again and mushrooms and scallions are raw (owner insists she watched cook sautee them). Owner offers another dish at this point but I am done eating. Our "nice" meal is ruined but the owner offers to give us dessert though my wife hasn't had dinner. Owner takes two drinks off our bill and feels that makes it alright (this is not commentary, I asked if she felt it made it alright). If we were treated right we would be back but they chose not to satisfy their customers and now we will never return.

July 27, 2009 at 10:19 AM 

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