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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chefs Shine in Chester Township

A recent Saturday marked my tea group's third visit to the Loretta Paganini ICASI Student Cafe in Chester Township.

For those unaware of the workings of the local food fests, students at the internationally famous cooking school prepare several gourmet courses for a luncheon that is open to the public. Cost of a ticket is $20 and reservations are required. Diners have the choice of one of two offerings per course.

The primi course that I chose was a spinach pasta with creamy Gorgonzola sauce, prosciutto and sweet peas.
Was it rich? Yes.
Was it mouth-watering, delicious and worth the calories? Absolutely.
On the critique sheet diners are encouraged to use, I wrote that it easily would be considered as one of my choices for a last dinner on earth.

Dolci, or dessert, offered chocolate macadamia pie and a pumpkin trio. Though most ordered and raved about the pie, other tea group members remarked that the pumpkin selection, including a creme brulee, was very satisfying as well.

Not only do the luncheons give participants the opportunity to sample true gourmet fare at a low cost, it also affords the privilege of giving feedback to the future chefs.

The gastronomic feasts run through the end of March, but will pick up again in September. If you're interested in a unique and delicious Saturday afternoon dining experience, the ICASI Student Cafe more than fits the bill.

--Jean Bonchak


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